[Update November 2015 — this is now all tracked in an ongoing manner in the site backlog].

Sigh… I know. Another post that is clearly intended for its author alone. Hopefully that changes at some point. For now I’m just documenting and publishing as often as I can :bowtie:

Here’s what needs to happen here (as I see it):

  1. Allow categories/tags
  2. Update avatar (gravatar)
  3. Update favicon
  4. Add Influences page (people, books, blogs)
  5. Customize About page
  6. Improve fonts (currently Arial for body & Source Sans Pro for headings)
  7. Improve mobile header spacing (for menu, social)
  8. Improve mobile padding (too much)
  9. Add other services to header (gyroscope? exposure? etc…)
  10. Fix emoji on excerpts (Jekyll issue?)
  11. Add disqus (or some commenting)
  12. Add share stuff
  13. Add category/tag archive pages

Hopefully I can provide an update to this with a bunch of strikethroughs soon.

Also worth mentioning…one of my favorites apps, ever, is Wunderlist. I use it pretty much daily for a variety of reasons — groceries, movies to see, books to read, beers to drink, and now TODOs on emerywebster.com.