The 2015 Presidents Cup is taking place (right now) at the Jack Nicklaus club in Incheon, South Korea. This is the first time the cup has been held anywhere in Asia — which is cool for SO MANY reasons.

As I write this it’s 11:57pm on Thursday night in Denver, CO…which means the matches are taking place live, right now, at 2:57pm on Friday afternoon in Korea. I should’ve been asleep long ago, yet I’m here on the couch watching golf matches that are taking place 6,000 miles away (and technically tomorrow).1

Why am I discussing this?

I love golf. I’m up watching it at 11:57pm on a Thursday (now 12:08am on a Friday) because it’s one of my favorite aspects of life. I also love technology. It’s always been a huge personal goal of mine to find a way to bridge the two in some meaninful context. I’m not planning to engineer a new revolutionary training tool…or build an app that somehow finds your ball in the weeds…but I am hoping to make a positive impact on the existing and potential (future) golf community (which I believe everyone should have the chance to experience).

This isn’t an announcement post. It’s just a way for me to say that I’ve started something I’m extremely excited about. The vast majority of these recent ‘learning’ posts were crafted with this end-goal in mind…as well as many of the career choices I’ve made over the last ~7 years.

It’s going to be a fun ride. Hopefully I don’t disappoint.

  1. By the way… I’m so glad golf is most popular in the USA. Have you ever wandered into a pub-like breakfast spot (before 10am) and seen some dudes at the bar drinking beer and watching soccer/rugby?. Now THAT is insanity. If I had to tune in at 11pm or 7am to watch the PGA…I wouldn’t.