Soooo I now have a :scare: working :scare: version of the app live on heroku.

Things you can do with it…

  • Sign up
  • Look at static pages
  • (Literally that’s it)

Things you can’t do with it (for now)…

  • Login
  • Post anything
  • View/follow other users
  • Update your profile
  • Delete your account
  • Modify users (as an admin)
  • (Literally anything else you can think of)

Other things I’ve noticed

  • Doesn’t look great on mobile (perhaps we’ll get to this in a later chapter)

We covered quite a bit of ground on this one. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Built the actual sign up form
  • Introduced a debugger via the byebug gem to help isolate problems if/when they occur (and also help see what’s happening after each request)
  • Created success flash when users sign up (and send them to their initial profile page)
  • Created error flash when users don’t sign up properly (fail our tests for validity/format/etc).
  • Added SSL (https) to our production environment (heroku) — this encrypts all relevant information before it leaves the local browser and goes to the server/db.

So yeah, it’s starting to look and feel like a real app, which is neat :beers:.