I developed a new obsession today at Movement Denver. Alison and I decided to take a belay class (super intro beginner class) to see if it’s something we might want to get into… We f*cking loved it. We’re going back tomorrow to take the belay test so we can hook each other up (literally) whenever we want.

The class took about an hour — and we learned a lot but really there’s not that much to it (some technique, some lingo, and some actual doing). After the class we stuck around for another 45 mins or so to try a few routes. SO fun. Super approachable. We’re definitely on the path to acquiring gear and making it a regular thing :link:

Climbing Gym Movement Denver View from the entrance @ Movement Climbing & Fitness - Denver

Some links / mental notes:

  • Black Diamond Gear/Intro Package : Harness, carabiner, belay/rappel thingy (ATC), chalk bag + chalk.
  • La Sportiva Shoes : Likely going to just go with something beginner (cheap) for now.
  • Lead Climbing Class : This is basically the next big step. Right now we can only climb ‘top rope’ routes (where the rope is already situated along each route in the gym). Lead climbing teaches you to actually place the line as you go…which you would obviously need to know if you were climbing out on an actual face.