Last year I began the process of switching from :snowboarder: to :ski: — trying out new equipment, falling a lot, harnessing my inner Jerry. Like anything else it required a bit of patience (and some pain) but I’m excited to get back up there and get better.

To make matters worse, about a month ago I went ahead and pulled the trigger on some new skis. Every day since I’ve felt like a 5 year old on the night before Christmas. I cannot wait to clip them in.

For the second year in a row, I also picked up the Mountain Collective pass (highly recommend). I was fortunate enough to get out to Aspen and Jackson Hole in 2014/2015…and hope to venture back there again this season (along with Taos, Alta + Snowbird, and others).

Oh, why am I writing this? Because it’s snowing in Colorado (like right f*cking now) and it’s all I can think about :satisfied:.