We are constantly entrenched in the practical use of language. Sometimes it’s nice to step away from that and appreciate its artistic expression as well.

I received this email from Alison this morning (which inspired this post entirely):

Wanted to take 5 minutes today, and might start to do so everyday, to read a new poem. I came upon this one…it’s great.

My Bad Hearing Does Not Trouble Me Here

by Ludwig van Beethoven

My bad hearing
Does not trouble me here.
In the country
Every tree
Seems to talk to me, saying, "Holy! Holy!"
Inside the forest is enchantment
Which expresses all things –
Sweet peace of the forest!

Almighty, I am happy
In the woods,
In the woods,
Every tree has a voice
Through thee.

O God, what glory
In such a woodland place!
On the heights is peace –
Peace to serve thee –

How glad am I
Once again
To be able to wander
In forest and thicket
Among the trees,
The green things and the rocks.
No mortal can love
The country as I do;
For woods and trees and rocks
Return the echo
A man desires.

For woods and trees and rocks return the echo a man desires — to me, this is what the poem is about. And for many (myself included), this is a big part of what life is about. Perhaps that’s why I spend so much time seeking mountains, rivers, and the 18th green :golf:.

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