So…I have a food blog now. And yeah, it’s extremely cliché…but who cares? I’m pretty sure worse things happen on the internet.

[If you’re not into stories, just check out & @spiceguide].

Some Background

I love spicy food

  • I collect hot sauces (seriously).
  • I add unreasonable amounts of heat to everything.
  • I’m into inferno / diablo / hellfire food challenges :fire:.
    • I have a handful of free T-shirts (and ‘pictures on the wall’) to prove it.
  • I believe exciting food = exciting life.

I love writing

  • Writing is fun.
  • No further explanation required.

I love sharing

  • If I experience something great (in tech, music, food, whatever), I’ll push it onto anyone who will listen.
  • I recently discovered a hot sauce that was so good that I felt compelled to share it with people I know.
  • I thought: Why not extend my capacity to share it with…everyone?
  • Then I thought: Why not seek other spicy experiences to share as well?

:arrow_right::arrow_right::arrow_right::arrow_right::arrow_right: :bulb:

The Result

So, I snagged a clever domain name (I hope?) and a handful of matching social media accounts. Then I set up a quick WordPress site and added some initial content.

The concept, for now, is SpiceGuide — my tribute to spicy food. If nobody uses it (or cares), that’s totally fine. I’ll still enjoy having a place to add great recipes, products, and restaurants/dishes that I find worthwhile. If it evolves into something bigger, awesome.

I just got started this a few days ago (and am still testing a handful of ideas/content)…but hopefully the momentum continues to build.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Let me know!