Sketch is really, really, really awesome. It’s a simple, useful, and surprisingly powerful design tool. Here are a few things I built with it recently…

2019 update – Figma is where it’s at.


A simple web app that serves icon art from the iTunes API — give it a try.


Simple Login UI

There seem to be a lot of helpful UI kits out there to shortcut this process, but I thought this would be a good excuse to get more comfortable with Sketch.

simple login user interface example

Calendar Icon

Again, this is the result of a quick tutorial to better understand Sketch. I particularly like the ‘stacked paper’ trick.

Apart from the wood texture, this is also entirely vector-based. Which is pretty neat.


Throughout these projects, I also uncovered a couple helpful tools:

  • Craft by InVision LABS: Allows you to quickly add real data to your designs (no more lorem ipsum or wasted time seeking stock photography).
  • Silver: Assemble live prototypes without ever leaving Sketch. InVision acquired them recently as well…so this will likely join the Craft suite soon.

More to come. How are you using Sketch? :gem: