Oh hey :wave: I’m Webb – I live in Denver, Colorado and spend most of my time thinking about difficult problems so users don’t have to.

If you’d like to discuss a project, give me a shout.

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Professional stuff

I’m currently designing financial tools for platform developers at Moov. Before Moov, I joined TrueCoach (then Fitbot) as the first product designer. We grew like crazy and were acquired in March, 2020.

Before TrueCoach I helped build web and native mobile apps at ReadyTalk and consulted with a number of companies in the Denver/Boulder area.

I got my start as a self-taught designer and engineer largely through my experience managing development projects at Crowd Favorite.

Randomly, I once ran an eBay/Amazon resale business (and still dabble).

Personal stuff


You can find me @emerywebster pretty much everywhere.

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