Measuring athlete performance

Problem – When I first joined the team, our coaches were still using spreadsheets to track their athlete’s performance and progression. Using multiple tools to plan and build a client’s training programs made them less efficient and less effective.

Solution – After gaining a deeper understanding of how and why coaches needed to track their clients’ progression, we delivered Metrics – a tool that provided the history and background coaches needed while planning and programming.

Outcome – Outside of workout creation and delivery, metrics quickly became our most popular supplemental coaching feature.

TrueCoach metrics progression tools

Metrics view from coach perspective (left) and athlete perspective (right).

My role

We began working on metrics in mid-to-late 2017. At the time we were a team of 7 (with the CEO still a regular contributor to the code base – which was really fun and deserves its own blog post) – so we all wore many hats and contributed heavily to every aspect of the product.

I led research and design, which included:

More context coming soon.