Problem – Coaches were able to manage every aspect of their client relationship except for payment processing (opting instead to use Paypal, Venmo, cash, and other methods). This inhibited some prospective leads from becoming paying customers and left a valuable new revenue stream untouched.

Solution – We integrated with Stripe Connect and released a Minimum [insert adjective of choice here] Product that included pricing plans, recurring subscriptions, payouts, and baseline reporting and analytics.

Outcome – Since launching in late 2019, we’ve seen 22% adoption among our US-based customers and processed millions of dollars in transactions.

TrueCoach payments dashboard and product creation views

My Role

We began working on TrueCoach Payments in late 2018 when we were still a scrappy team of 8 (and an engineering team of 6). I led user research, ideation, prototyping, and development for the “front of the front end”.

In 2019, I began working closely with our iOS team to deliver client-specific features. Soon we hired another talented designer to share ownership of our mobile experiences and design solutions for Android.

Payments quickly became a core feature of our platform, and we are constantly gathering feedback, iterating, and building upon it.

More context coming soon.